Wystran Hollowtone

Wystran Hollowtone is the head of the Green Protectoran and is one of the five Marix of the Empire. He is called the High Ranger.

His Legion is the 13th as he was once Bowmark of said Legion. Whenever he travels it is units from the 13th who escort him and if he takes the field in person it is almost always with members of the 13th around him. One cannot apply to the 13th, one must be chosen and invited by Hollowtone himself. They have a very high retention rate.


Wystran is a tall older man with grey hair. He appears rough and a little upkemp due to his habit of shaving irregularly and wearing simple ranger dress with only his knots of rank differentiating him from his men.

Wystran is known as a master tactician and extremely quiet but dangerous man. He also has a reputation for being firm but fair.

Suggested stats

Att 16 7 2 5 =+30/25/20/15
AC 10 7 8 4 =29
HP 152
STR 16+3 DEX 24+7 CON 16+3
INT 18+4 WIZ 16+3 CHA 19+4

Known Gear

*Cloak of the Oakland

  • + 20 to hide in woods
  • + 10 to spot DC if not hiding
  • Clasp of the High Ranger – Animal friendship as druid of equal level
    Blade of the Hollowrite -Keen (16-20 x2 Instant kill on crit fort save DC 18) + 5
    Arcane bow of the Flighted Shaft – tracking shot which ignores cover 1d8 + 3 (STR) and + 5 enchantment bonus.
    Boots of the Trackless Step – + 4 DEX and leaves no tracks in any terrain.
    Elven thaif worn under Green Protectoran cloak (AC +8)
    Ring of Protection +4

Assumed PR= 4

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Wystran Hollowtone

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