Vash’Kar is a continent to the east of Karandia. Though it is not as large as the first continent it holds a huge population of which the vast majority are dragonites. This race come from magical experimentation and the effect of doctored evolution from dragons themselves. There are many more dragons on Vash’Kar than on Karandia due to the reverence they are given. There are few crimes one can commit here that carry a greater penalty than the crime of killing a dragon.

Vash’Kar has two distinct parts. The Drac’Kar Empire and the Holds of the Divine. Though the Drac’Kar Empire is by far the larger and has succeeded in subduing the rest of Vash’Kar beneath its clawed feet this final ‘country’ is a step too far for them.

Vash’Kar is slightly triangular shaped, though with curved edges, giving it the appearance on a map of being a shark’s fin. The northern point (incidentally this is the north-western point of the continent) is where the domains of the divine are. The Holds mark the border very clearly and no dragon or dragonite may pass into their lands. The Scaled Court is forced to use a member of one of their slave-races to act as their traders and ambasadors to the Divine.

The races of Vash’Kar are as follows:

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