Vale is a trading town, occupying the south-western corner of the isle of Dana.

Unlike the vast majority of Danaspree, Vale has a proper customs group called the Blue Water Guard. This beleaguered force is hopelessly outnumbered by their opponents, yet they are highly organised and attract some of the best and certainly the most upright citizens of the country. They man fast, dangerous ships, equipped with seige weapons and a minimum of one wizard per ship.

Consequently, the pirates and lowlife of Danaspree and elsewhere avoid it – after all, why go to the singular white spot in a country otherwise ripe for picking?

So Vale maintains itself as a area of calm in the muddy and murky waters that are Danaspree. It is the destination of choice for any of a reputable nature who are forced to go to Danaspree. This brings it a lot of legitimate trade from those prepared to pay the tarrifs in exchange for fair and safe trading conditions.

Vale is ruled by a council who report officially to Dana. Dana is also somewhat oragnised, though its rulers change with a scary rapidity. Still, Vale is a source of calm and continuity and so far very few of Danaspree’s rulers have felt the need to upset that status quo. The council is elected by the common vote of the people and each year they vote again. Votes are counted and the top six names are elected to the council.

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