Tor Honarik


The capital city of the Aurian Empire and the location of the Imperial Palace. It is the largest city with the largest population in all of Karandia. It has sometimes been claimed by an ambitious Emperor to be the capital of the continent.

Tor Honarik is like any capital taken to extreames. Everything must be bigger and better. The walls are high, the momuments doubly impressive, the amounts of money exchanged in market is ridiculously high and the price of logding is exorbitant. There is a huge gap between rich and poor and this is shown between the huge differences in the various districts of the city. From the mad rushing merchants of the Gold Quarter to the plush palaces of Royal Estates, to the plain and yet staggeringly impressive mouments and buildings of the Imperial Hill, compared with the hovels and squallour of Dirt End.

This is the centre of government and leadership for all of Auria and every decsionmade here by its Sentate or its imperial ruler affects all of Karandia. It is the centre of everything, commerce, the military, the magic, the law making, the Knighthood, the industry, the population etc. Or at least it likes to think so. But then again its residents have a reputation for unbelievable arrogance.

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Tor Honarik

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