Tor Armakan


A major city in the Aurian Empire.

Also known as the City of Sapphires. Tor Armakan must be beheld to be believed. Blue is its colour and the motif of the stylised Sapphire topped staff is everywhere to be seen. It is dominated by the Blue Crystal Palace. Headquarters of the Sapphire Wizards’ Guild. Every officially practising wizard in Auria is all but forced into the guild as it is the only source of magical instruction permitted in Auria. The members of the guild, the Sarrifs as they are known, reside and work within its walls. They rule Tor Armakan and though it is in the Red Protectoran‘s domain the number of fighters present in the city is surprisingly light. The wizards preferring to rely on their own guardians. Tor Armakan is also notably low on the wizards’ other rival that of the church. Only two chapels of Celer reside in this huge city.

Though Tor Armakan has a governor, it is ridiculous to imagine anyone truly rules it other than the Saffier himself. The current Saffier, though he has quarters in Tor Armakan at the Blue Crystal Palace, lives in Tor Honarik at the Imperial palace as closest advisor to the Emperor himself.

Tor Armakan is a place of study, experimentation, learning and fear. Lots of money is made in the market in all things magical. Both the providing of basics for the mages and the extremely profitable returns from the sale of enchanted objects.

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Tor Armakan

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