Stroat Troast

Stroat ‘The Stoat’ Troast is the head of the Yellow Protectoran and is one of the five Marix of the Empire.


Stroat is a broad man who usually wears a mismatched Aurian army uniform with a usually old looking if not out right dirty yellow sash. The other Protectorans think of Stroat as something of an embarrassment but the Yellows themselves seem to have no problem with his lax, unkempt attitude and appearance. Despite having thick jowls Stroat has a pointed face under his mop of mousy brown hair.


Most think that Stroat came from Tor Zeric originally but it is clear he has spent most of his life in the Yellow Protectoran either guarding border forts or running patrols. He is considered by some to have weaselled his way up the ranks through questionable decisions and outright luck. His record is very spotty, some iof it is more conjecture than fact. By some he is considered a tactical genius by other a bumbling idiot with clever or sly friends who have helped him advance because it amuses them to portray the flaws in the military system of patronage.

Suggested stats

Att 16 5 5 =+26/21/16/11
Dam 1d10+10 1d10+10
AC 10 10 3 5 =28
HP 206
FORT 20 REF 13 WILL 12
STR 20+5 DEX 16+3 CON 20+5
INT 16+3 WIZ 15+2 CHA 16+3

Known Gear
Field Plate
Vambraces of Natural Armour
Cloak of Resistance +5
Yellow Sash
Keen Dwarvern Waraxe +5
Bastard Sword +5
Dire Flail +5
Assorted other exotic and martial weapons

Assumed PR= 4

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Stroat Troast

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