Stars of Destiny

These are not actual stars, though it is claimed the stars predict their comings and passings. A Star of Destiny is a Sirriis, a special being who is fated to live at a certain time and who will be given the opportunity due to abilities, relationships and circumstances to change the fates of whole nations and even worlds. These individuals are not necessarily good or evil they are simly key. Often the powers that be will vie for control of such individuals hoping to use their influence to pull fate in their direction.

Sirriis are not alone either, it is usual for a Sirriis to have an Alliius. These are individuals who have been especially placed and prepared to assist the Sirriis to achieve their role as a chosen of destiny. These Alliius often teach they important skills or give them key information or objects that guide them to their life altering roles. Alliius are often unaware of what they are doing. They are simply friends, family and others who happen to have a Star of Destiny in their lives. Often they do not realise that the person they are helping will later use their assistance to rise above all their peers and change the fate of countries and continents.

Some of the most important confirmed Sirriis are:

When several Sirriis meet and interact the possibilities
for what they are capable of multiply exponentially. This is called a convergence and it is a times like these that some of the greatest changes have taken place on the face of Tal. This is what happened during the Second Dragonite Invasion.
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Stars of Destiny

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