The shiku are a face of fish creatures, that are known to be hostile. Though they can survive above water they cannot do so indefinetly. They dry out the longer they are out of water and in the end their scales and skin give way and their throats’ become so bloated and swollen they can no longer nourish themselves. In the water they are agile and dominant. They have created an almost pastoral lifestyle, hearding many kinds of sea creatures and growing underwater plants in huge sea wide farms. In their reefs they mine and craft coral items and some use their shamanic magic to enchant these items with various properties. They are known as allies of the Aquati and no one else.

They have long fish like heads often with protuberant eyes and pronounced lips. Their skin in covered in almost every area by fine scales. They have six appendages two of which are similar to four fingered webbed hands, the other four are more similar to fins. Some strains of warrior shiku have a pair of claws rather than the middle set of fins.

It is difficult to tell males and females apart except that the males tend to have much brighter colourings than the females, and location wise the females tend to stay near the egg enclosures.

The vast majority of all living shiku live in, and about, the Shiku Reefs. These beautiful but deadly underwater reefs are just off the western coast of Rimic and form one of its most potent defences. Within these reefs are many cities and towns full of shiku, the actualy total is completely unknown even to their allies the Aquati. One thing is for certain though the shiku breed all year round and each birthing is in groups of 8-24 eggs. Their numbers could be mind blowing unless they have some predator that keeps their numbers in check. If this is the caseit is not something they have shared, even with their allies.

Game Mechanics

Shiku gain +2 DEX +2 WIZ -2INT due to their constant full body exercise to move and their neglect of either the written word and any customs but their own. (Eg reading, writting, regular magic, most crafts-metal working for eg and languages.)

Shiku swim speed is 60ft.
They also have perfect maneuverability underwater using its 3 dimensions perfectly. This allows a shiku underwater to charge anyone within 120ft of them, in any direction, and even if they must circumvent obstacles to do so.

They speak shee’ik and often elven. Some speak common but not very many, those who do tend to be either scouts, warriors or the most intelligent.

Shiku cannot process air properly. However they have processes where they can conserve the nutrients which they take from the sea for several days. However, if one spends too long out of water, one will sicken and die.

For each day out of water a shiku receives a -2 penalty to all skills, saves and combat checks. For every two days out of water a shiku receives -2 to all his physical attributes. All this penalties are cumulative.

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