Shift of Stones


One of the Seven Great Shifts, the Shift of Stones is known for its dependability and defensive strength. It is the only Shift that has a fixed location and base of operations!!. This is the Shift that routinely inhabits Horsegate.

Its manes are called Stoneclad Knights, they wield Stone Lances and ride, the apparently barded in stone, Greyhill Steeds.

This Shift has the secret of the forging of living stone. This allows them to craft armour and weapons from stone without them becoming brittle or overly heavy. The armour and weapons still carry great weight but are wield-able. The Shift is renowned for its strength, the largest and bulkiest Horselords hail from this Shift. The horses are the largest and strongest horses known to the peoples of Karandia.

Famous members of the Shift include:

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Shift of Stones

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