Shift of Souls


The first of the Seven Great Shifts of the Alkar. Origionally the Shift was formed by the uniting of all the priests of Archan at Horsegate. When this occured they formed a Shift together to combat the rising dangers to the nomadic plainsmen. It is they who called the Alkar together and gave them a national identity and they who formed the next four Shifts. Running Waters Inferno Blades, Gales and Stones.

Now however they have resigned the mantle of priesthood and embraced the sinister role of the Shift of Souls. They are demon hunters and the conscience of the Alkar and in many ways the arbiter and police of the other Shifts.

Their manes are called Soul Riders and they fight with weapons forged from ghost-steel called [[Spirit Blades?]] and ride the seemingly undead Soul Steeds.

The Tarrik of the Shift of Souls is the only one who can call Shadowmane though in recent memory he has only done so with the pre-knowledge and agreement of the other Great Shifts’ leaders.

Famous members of the Shift include:

Return to Alkan.

Shift of Souls

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