Shift of Running Waters


One of the Seven Great Shifts the Shift of Running Waters is known for having the greatest riders on Karandia.

The manes of the Shift are called Falling Blades, they duel-wield Streaked Blades made to bypass armour and ride Water Runners, horses capable of running over water almost as easily as land.

The Shift is known for its riders ability to perform acrobatics in the saddle. These serve several purposes that of a sport, training, combat and of course pleasure. As soon as a Running Waters child is born it is washed in water and placed on the back of a horse. Obviously they can’t ride yet but the gesture is symbolic of the fact that they will learn to ride long before they worry about walking.

The Shift is an explorer Shift interested in discovering new horizons and seeing new places. Of all the Shifts this one produces the most loners. Those who simply are tugged out by wanderlust to see the world.

Famous members of the Shift include:

Return to Alkan.

Shift of Running Waters

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