Shift of Gales


One of the Seven Great Shifts of the Alkar, The Shift of Gales is reknowned for its fast horses and its bowmen.

The manes of the Shift are called Galeriders and they ride Galemounts the fastest horses that exist said to be able to keep pace with the birds of the sky. Shadron Dan’r earned himself a Galemount steed and when he did he was accepted by the Alkar as one of them the only half-elf to ever be so accepted.

The manes of the Shift wield bows from horseback and are prodigiously good shots.

It is the Eqi-Tane of the Shift of Gales who traditionally leads a war of Shadowmane.

The Shift of Gales are quite open and friendly for the Alkar and they love stories of travel and discovery.

Famous members of the Shift include:

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Shift of Gales

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