Sariport is a town just as old and large as Kaladire. Indeed many ‘Sarips’ (A coloquial term for resident of Sariport) will tell you Sariport is older and larger and better and is the real capital of Elygia and so on and so on.

Yet Sariport lacks Kaladire’s organisation and authority. Supposedly run by the Sariport Port Authority, this group truely hold little power. They have become little more than an official means of verbalising the will of Sariport’s true rulers. This is the Ninja Cabal called the Dragon Klaw.

Several cwenturies ago the Cabal began and slowly and secretly built up its power base. Using intimidation, unbelivable stealth, magical arts and killer competancies it insinuated itself into every important facet of the city. The cabal soon knew every secret and had every important personage of power on their side or under their thumb. They never ‘made their move’ however; never emerged from the shadows to officially run things as they could have. No even now when all Sarips know the score the Dragon Klaw wait in the background refusing to openly state either their intentions or announce their rulership. In order to maintain their grip they encourage infighting and competition between the citizens of Sariport. Unlike Kaladire’s Great Houses Sariport has hundreds of minor guilds all vieing for pre-eminance. Each guild has its own leader, rules and ranks and they vary hugely in size and influence. So Sariport is in a constant state of street warfare but the cabal controls all and prevents it imploding completely.

In a matter of true importance to Elygia the Sultan of Kaladire will not move without Sariport’s aggreement and more importantly the Dragon Klaw’s blessing and assistance.

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