Sapphire Wizards' Guild


The Sapphire Wizards’ Guild is the only officially sanctioned wizards’ guild in the Empire. It is not compulsory to be a guild member but independents must be known to the conclave which run the guild and are not allowed to work for the government in any capacity.

The guild protects its own. Benefits include pay, legal protection, research opportunities, guaranteed work and a progressive career path. On the other side of the coin not wearing the blue of the guild brings suspicion, tacit or open monitoring by the guild and isolation.

The guild’s centre of power is Tor Armakan at the Blue Crystal Palace which is their learning academy and command centre. The guild is led by a conclave of arch-wizards or arch-mages, which is led itself by the specialist High Ones or Master Magi. There are Master Magi for each of the arcane specialisms and some with secondary titles such as the Master of Invocation also being called the Supreme Battle Sorcerer.

Almost all mages, including independents wear some token blue to reference the guild and show they do not directly oppose it in Auria. Its influence is great in the army and the Senate.

Every Protectoran has a quota of Sariffs assigned to it. The minimum permitted is 1 per cohort roughly 1:100. Yet some, such as the Red Protectoran, can have almost five times that many mages operating in their legions. Though the Sarifs have their own power structure, they do take orders from the established military to which they are assigned. Typically however a Hilt doesn’t talk to a Sarif except in deference and a Captain makes carefully worded requests. A Commander will have a sarif of rank with him to whom he makes requests that the wizard then delagates downwards. Blademarks and above can feel fairly confident giving orders to wizards of the lowest levels but wouldn’t think of doing so with the Sarifs that are assigned to them personally. Generals, Lexions and Marix’s give orders to all but the Arch-Mages and some of the Marix would go so far as to do that as well.

No one save the Emperor himself can directly ‘try’ to order a Master Magi.

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Sapphire Wizards' Guild

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