Red Protectoran


The Red Protectoran are known as the Red Blades, The Elite, The City Guard and the Capital Guard. They are given all the most highly trained and successful recruits. In past centuries it was normal for successful members of other Protectorans to be promoted into the Red. These days inter army rivalry and pride make that less and less likely. The best paid, armed and armoured of the Protectorans the Red attracts the very best of the Imperial intake. The brightest minds and the most noble-born recruits will be found among its ranks. Rank can be bought more easily than earned anyway.


Typical Red soldiers are armed with sword and shield and a throwing weapon of some kind. They tend to wear chainmail, helmets and full breastplates, making them the most heavily armoured fighting force in the Empire outside of the Knights.


They cover four of the most important cities of the Empire Tor Honarik, the capital, Tor Armakan, the centre of study and magic, Tor Kalash the military head quarters and Tor Celer the origional religious centre. They border directly onto the old enemy Torash and it speaks volumes of the Red’s fierce-some reputation that this old enemy doesn’t attempt to raid its hated rival more often.


The Leader of the Red Protectoran holds the Title of Marshal of the Empire and is considered slightly senior to the other Marix, or Protectoran leaders. It is currently Ran Clarke.
Lexions are often called Marshals in the Red.
The head of a legion in the Red Protectoran is called a Blademark.

Regulars who show particular skill are given the appellation Chosen Blade and then Blademaster to acknowledge their individual skill. Though they are not officers these titles do bestow seniority upon them and can lead them to bridging the gap to officer.
The Red Blades are an elite group with the Red. They wield two-handed greatswords and are extremely feared for their skill and ferocity in battle.

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Red Protectoran

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