At an age between 13-25 a young Alkar descides he wishes to be an adult. At this point they leave to find their path. Youths on this journey are called Pathfinders and they wander the ways of Karandia until a defining moment occurs and they discover what their adult name should be. Then they return to their Shift and tell their tale and reveal their new name. They are introduced to their parents and family and then to the rest of the Shift staring with the current Tarrik.

Pathfinders are very useful to the Alkar nation as they seek out the Second Generation Shifts and bring back news and commodities from those far flung allies and family. In a time of war Pathfinders often work as forward scouts and skirmishers rather than leave to go looking for their names or paths. Indeed it is said that in war your name finds you.

‘May your path find you’ is a tradition phrase but it can be used as either a blessing or a curse depending on who says it and how to whom.

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