Lucan, a Shadow Rider from the Shift of Shadows, became famous as an envoy to the Empire during the Horselord bounty hunter crisis. Bounties were being offered for horselords across the border in the Aurian Empire and the Alkar almost went to war over it. Lucan known as the Wise Rogue travelled personally to learn the truth and was able to uncover certain perpetrators and present to the council of Tanes that the Empire might not have been directly to blame. He was thus the envoy who met with the then 2nd Senator Havel Marx and secure with him the Alkan peace treaty. this brought about a cessation of all hostilities and proved him an able warrior, but even more so as a negotiator and leader.

During this time he encountered fought with and eventually defeated the Horselord Hunter Shivan. He is now known to his own people as Praetor. This is because he has been called as a Tara-Vor and has chosen to become a Praetor of Knowledge.

After the war broke out with the Dragonites he was heavily involved in the fighting in the Oakland Trading Area. He also was involved with the prevention of the Spirit of Nature’s Rage, met Thornmeld Firestorm and preserved the life of Vanguard Dragonsbane from assassins.

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