Leonadar Halkithantarius


Leonadar Halkithantarius is a siirris (A Star of Destiny). He was destined from birth to change the fate of Karandia and to be the Elder of Quintox. He is called Leon frequently by non-elves.


1741 – Leonadar Halkithantarius is born to Damtrick and Zelia Halkithantarius.

1760 – Leon begins study of magic meets Mantrix in Primary Learning, they become best friends.

1767 – Leon is recognised for his talents in magic and goes onto classes with Zentex. He meets with Zimmer and they start a relationship. Mantrix excels in combat ability and joins the combat school.

1778 – Leon’s father mysteriously disappears and Leon never see him again.

1780 – A wild forest horse follows him and he names him Barnoo.

1783 – Mantrix Leaves to join the revolt in Quinkorin.

1785 – Leon has bad dreams foretelling the Darkness of Magic. After meeting Xotia in Zimmer’s Nolyx, he goes on a mission with Zimmer to renew Empire’s Terms with the Ancient Elves. Months later, he goes to Torra City and joins with Tathallan, Parrallas and Dorathy. They become allies and preserve the city against various threats. They become advocates of the Ancient Elves and then later Leon meets Zarin here and heads to the Empire.

1786-1788 – Trains in the Empire at the Sapphire Wizard’s Guild and meets with the War Council. Is sent on a mission to Tor Rey while Zimmer goes on a different mission to Queyvi.

1789 – War at Tor Rey. Leon starts to understand Zarin’s true plan and finds that Zarin’s forces are attacking Queyvi, where Zimmer is doing her mission. Leon goes to the Sapphire Wizard’s Guild to seek answers.

1789-1792 – Leon returns to the Guild and is urged to patience. It is suggested that if he passes their tests he will understand everything. He studies for two more years and passes their tests but gets no satisfactory answers from the Guild about Zimmer and uncovers that many in the guild not only know what Zarin is doing but support him.

1793PE -Goes to Queyvi, falls into trap set by Dorouk Shoudi and finds that Zimmer is missing. Battle with Parrallas, Dorathy and Malikan.

1795 PE – Returns to Torra City to find the king (Tathallan’s father) has died. Group gather forces and head for the City of the Varikol. There Leon ends the Darkness of Magic.

1799 PE – Leon returns to his home to find it in ruins his kin missing. He returns to the City of the Varikol to face Zarin. He is unsuccessful.

1801 PE – Leon returns to the Temple City and parts with his friends, leaving to search for Zimmer with only Barnoo.

1802-1898 Unknown Leon travels far in lands he will not tell. Clearly his magical ability grows as does his experience.
1824 – Tathallan has a son who turns against his father out of greed for his throne and allies himself with the horselords to the ruin of Torra City.

1898 PE – Leon returns to confront Zarin again, now that he has discovered magic that will allow the reversal of Zarin’s soul-fueled creation magic. He hears rumours of a new ally and weapon of Zarin’s Dracor. This leads him to spy on Tegeren a Toran noble involved in the plot to start the Second Dragon Army Invasion. He hears the name Ashley Darkkenblade and seeks him out saving his life as he intervenes against Dracor.

1898-1899 PE -The events of the Stars of Destiny

Assumed PR= 6

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Leonadar Halkithantarius

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