The Master Monk was the son of and apprenticed to Kagami. When Kagami was killed by a group of Gold Blade assassins Kagami should have been killed too as a witness. It was due to the intervention of Massus O’Hakkendak that this was prevented and the child spared. Later on after mastering his art he tracked down and killed each of his father’s killers in an act of revenge. He learned this was a folly and when he confronted the last one, Massus himself, he told him he had outgrown revenge and was ready to swear himself to a new path.

Dedicating himself to Knowledge he made a vow to preserve the world and look outward from then on rather than inward as he had in the past. Kasuami roamed the land taking on apprentices wherever he could find those worthy and capable enough. One such became his most successful apprentice, Pamela Gletson.

Kasuami had a waking vision and a dream informing him that Pam was indeed special a Sirriis and the mother of the Avenger. This caused a rift between the two for several years.

Assumed PR= 4

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