Jamerson Pellerin Doyle


Jamerson Pellerin Doyle is the head of the Blue Protectoran and is one of the five Marix of the Empire. He is called the Grand Admiral.


Jamerson Pellerin Doyle (Ya Har!) is a tall, lean-built blond haired man who favours wearing rakish hats. Doyle favours affectations and tends to differing ones throughout the year. His eyes are a clear watery blue and his smile is lopsided and decidedly racy. he particularly likes wearing extravagant boots and coats and varies his syles frequently loving to shock landsiders with his over the top choices. He carries a cracked, collapsible telescope with him wherever he goes.

Jamerson is a rake by nature as well as reputation and is reputed to have more conquests in the bed room than at sea. Many of his men adore his reputation and try to ape his successes and wit though with varying success. He is considered extremely likable and like the other Marix inspires great loyalty though his is more a loyalty to the man rather than the position. He has an uncanny knack for getting out of scrapes and should have been brough up on charges of insubordination, assault, indecent conduct, cowardice and others but some how he has always evaded any serious consequences and risen through the ranks to the very top through grit, luck and savy.

Suggested stats

Att 16 7 2 5 =+30/25/20/15
HP 185
FORT 17 REF 18 WILL 10
STR 20+5 DEX 24+7 CON 16+3
INT 16+3 WIZ 13+1 CHA 18+4

Known Gear

  • Grand Admiral’s Hat +10 (Influence and leadership checks)
  • Lucky Bandana 1 Luck re-reoll a day add CHA bonus to saves
  • Belt of Giant Strength +4
  • Gloves of Cats Grace +4
  • The Cat’s Cutlass: Negates reg ar, (16-20 x2) 1d10 + 5
  • Boots of Balance ( + 10 to jump,balance, tumble and climb checks and + 10 movement)

Assumed PR= 4

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Jamerson Pellerin Doyle

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