Hill Dwarves


Similar to their mountain kin in almost every respect, hill dwarf denotes a change of location rather than race. Hill Dwarves decided to mix in with humans, halflings and other surface races rather than retreat into what was left of their Empire at Barkarin.

Hill dwarves live in alomst every country of Karandia in some way or another. However they only form a small portion of the communities where they reside. If they do form an all dwarvern settlement, such as the village of Samakin, these tend to be small and in out of way locations.


Same as Mountain dwarves.


Hill dwarves tensd to be more friendly and certainly more open to alliances and mixed race friends than mountain or pit dwarves. They are used to the open spaces and clean air and many have a love for sea, stars and even the woods. They are a sturdy and dependable folk who are to be relied upon in any community, no matter the race or location.

As they lack a country the Hill dwarves have no military but they naturally tend to fighting and often join mercenary units and the militaries of the countries to which they belong. However they can often face heavy prejudice, for example in the Aurian Empire.

Game mechanics

Identical to Mountain dwarves except that they can choose to replace Stonecutting with a similar bous reguarding fish/ the sea and rivers or woods and woodwork.

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Hill Dwarves

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