Hidden Blade

The Hidden Blade thieves guild is based in the coastal town of Spree. How they exactly began has been lost over time as with other oraganisations of their like they do not keep records.

This group grew up secretly in the streets and underworld of Spree. In such a large city rife with so much corruption their rise was almost utterly unchecked. They became one of the biggest influences in Spree right up to the political level. The Merchant Shipping Guild who ran Spree was forced to do tacit, yet unfortunatly direct, buisness with them. Otherwise people, shippments, damning documents and vast sums of money just kept disappearing. It was almost to the extent that the Shipping Guild could no longer find anyone to do buisness with. This expedient drove them into ‘unofficially’, and yet with a tacit open acknowledgement, power sharing with the Hidden Blade. Everyone including foreign governments know that when they deal with the rulers of Danaspree they are dealing with theives in the most real terms.

The Hidden Blade have used this legitimacy granted by their shared rulership to complete their stranglehold. To break the guild now would involve the destruction of Spree at a minimum. They are involved in almost every deal and their spy network now ranges far beyond Spree itself.

The Guild numbers in the hundreds, but has thousands of sympathisers and contacts. Due to its dependence on the city of Spree, and virtual ownership of it, the Guild helps to ensure Spree’s survival and continued economic growth. Theives in the Hidden Blade have specific quotas they are not to overstep and more and more the guild makes its money from a ‘cut’ given them to ensure nothing IS stolen. Little by little the guild is becoming less a guild of theives and more a mafia-like protection racket. They know almost every secret of Spree, have dirt on anyone of importance, have spies and assassins in place ready to destroy any real opposition before it can get purchase. Yet they also keep Spree running and use their influence to do away with any of the more dangerous factions that have tried to set up shop of the Hidden Blade’s turf.

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Hidden Blade

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