Free Country


Free Country is the name of a small city state on the crux of the Saracan, Alkan, Aurian Empire borders.

A country in and of itself Free Country has no entry/egress, import/export, taxes or restrictions. It could be considered the freest place on Karandia and the most tollerant, from a certain point of view. Anyone can walk free in Free Country, a dark elf, a demon, a convicted killer and unless he/she/it violates the Countries laws it will do nothing to him/her/it.

It is not naive, simply tollerant in hopes of thriving and through its trade in freely available goods, unavailable anywhere else on open market it does very well. The country is protected by extensive alliances with all of its neighbours and some powerful individual organisations, including the Seekers. If Auria invades the horselords and Saracan both react and visa-versa.

It is ruled by a being called the Unknown. If anything is known about this being it is not spoken. The Unknown laid down Free Countries laws and passes its will and information through various intermediaries among Free Country’s many great speakers, politicians and lawyers.

The law in Free Country is sacrosanct but it is also breif. The lawyers of Free Country interpret that law to determine what breaches it and what doesn’t. Breaching the law has dire consequences enforced by the Unknown’s hand.

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Free Country

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