Ents look exactly like trees come to life. They are in fact treemen an ancient and enlightened race. They are given to long periods of dormancy requiring the spiritual energies of the forest and Wild magic to keep them active and alive.

Of recent years less and less ents are active around the continent. Most are located in Karritan and almost all of these are focused around the Linden Grove or Ashguard. Some ents specifically serve as guardian companions to Shrouded battle druids. This is assumed to be because the Shrouded do not attract the same loyalty/ love from animals that other druids seem to be able to attract.

Ents are only concerned with the deeper things of Tal. Life force and wild magic, the forests themselves and the like. Politics and current rulers mean little to them as they out live all the races that breathe. Ents live thousands and thousands of years, but their memories of events more than ten milenia past is often shakey.

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