One of the earliest of Life’s mortal children, and of the ancient races of Tal elves come in many varieties.


Elves tend to be slighter than and a touch shorter in height. With almost universally fine features, elves radiate an aura of majesty and elegence that few humans can even pretend to, much less attain.


Elves in their origional nature were inseperably bonded to Light and so it was that Darkness created the dark elves as a deliberate parody; to make a mock, and ruin the beauty of Light’s creation.

Elves long dominated the surface of Karandia living in its great forests. They had the Undying Alliance with the other wide spread ancient race, the Dwarves. This alliance was so strong it survives to this day, millenia later.

The end of the elves was spelt in the rise of human kind. They pitied the humans, especially during the years of ogre and orc dominance and so taught them refinement. They introduced them to crafts, language and the arts. Most important of all the elves gifted the human race with the secrets of magic.

The humans then proceeded to out breed the elves. With their short life spans and huge families the humans needed increased space to live in and no patience to wait for nature’s will. They cut away at the forest forming plains and building cities. As kindly parents to misled children the elves tried to counsel their human apprentices from such action but to little avail. When stronger centures were leveled the humans began to threaten the elves themselves and only then did the elves realise their peril.

Wars, consisting of invasions followed by mass settlement, raged and little by little the elves and their allies the dwarves were forced back into their final retreats. The elves retreated to Karritan the last great forest and the Rimic peninsula. Those who went to Karitan have become known as the wood elves or Karitvol and those that went to Rimic the sea elves or Aquati.

In these final retreats the elves were able to consentrate enough of their population in one place to greviously punish any human attempt to invade. The humans now with most of the continent dominated relented and built up their own kingdoms and countries.

Game Mechanics

See individual elves. If in doubt use the 3.5 elf simply remember elves do need to sleep but are better at dealing with going without than humans.

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