Dwarvern is an old language. It is the form of communication the Knowledge’s first children used, based off the ancient Runic.

Variants and Traits

The Hill Dwarves and the Mountain Dwarves speak dwarvern in a very similar way. The dwarves are reluctant to change the meanings of words or invent new ones if old ones will suffice. For this reason, though their are significant differences in accent and hill dwarves are very likely to speak Common as much or more than dwarvern, the language is virtually identical in its vocabulary, grammar and even syntax.

The Pit Dwarves have kept dwarvern itself in the same form as their relations however they have significantly added from Deepscant and non-word signals. Also it is said that their accent is so pronounced that some hill dwarves have been unable to understand a pit dwarf who has been below in the Depths for long enough.




The following groups are likely to know elven as a second language.

  • Elves- Dwarves have been their greatest allies for centuries and they have long known each other’s languages.
  • Rune Users – Runes are based on the Ancient runic language of which dwarvern is the most common surviving variant. Most runes made in the last millennium were made in dwarvern.
  • Vhentra – as their language is based on Ancient Runic as well, they find dwarvern very easy to pick up.

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