A race of draconian descendents of dragons themselves. Dragonites hail from Vash’Kar where they have an entire Empire.

Organisation and Leadership

The Dragonite Empire is ruled by the Matriach who is a colosal two headed dragon (Gold and Silver). She rules over the Scaled Court which is somewhat of a mix between the courts that attend feudal monarchs and the beaureaucracy.


Sometimes nicknamed dragonmen, Dragonites are bipedal humanoids with reptilian like heads filled with sharp carnivourous teeth. Both their hands and feet are taloned and therefore the weapons and armour they use and wear must be specially made for them. Dragonites stand between 1.5m and 2.5m with males tending to be taller than females. They are very heavy due to their scaled hides and bulky due to their wings which srpout from their shoulders.

Due to their weight dragonites cannot fly like a bird can. Yet their wings work perfectly and so some very small dragonites and often dragonite children for sometime CAN fly. If projected from a height the dragonites can use their wings to direct their descent and as they use this as an attack mode in combat and in some cases for hunting and sport almost all dragonites are very able at employing these techniques. Still a dragonite in flight has none of the elegance of dragons or the agility of Kenchillians

Game Mechanics

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