Dracor 2

Dracor are two created dragonites one a mage and one a warrior. They were created to replace the failed Dracor experiment. They were both very powerful in their fields and carried strange magical items to assist them.

The wizard carried a staff carved with skulls and topped with dragon wings which sent jolts of electricity up anyone who touched it. He also wore an amulet which served as a direct communication device with The Matriarch herself. The warrior wore huge black spiked plate armour. This armour was covered in magical glyphs which not only absorbed magical attacks but served as a spell book for one who knew how to read the draconic speech. He also wielded a curved black serrated sword which seemed to have a mind of its own and always hungered for battle and death. Often the sword would pull itself into a strange direction against the flow of its wielder’s attacks making it very hard to predict or block.

These two attempted to destroy all the history, families and homes of the Stars of Destiny in an attempt to dissuade them from continuing their resistance. This naturally backfired horribly.

Assumed PR= 7
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Dracor 2

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