Dana City

Dana the first human settlement on the island of the same name and has remained the largest settlement ever since. The island itself came to be known as Dana as well, in consequence.

The humans who first came to live here were actually trying to find a place where they could build up and live without cutting down the forests and lands of the elves. So fleeing the wars of Betrayal they settled here and lived quite primitivly for many years.

Dana grew and due to its island location suffered little from the wars and conflicts on the shores. Soon enough the Merchant Shipping Guild was founded in Spree and a lively trade spraqng up beween the two.

Dana has its own monarchy for many years and the King decides to expand and allow other cities to be built around Dana. Specifically Anchorage is planned as a military base to ensure Dana’s security.

King Daric Erianor eventually officially signed a treaty of alliance between Dana and its subsiduary towns and Spree with its various costal adherents. It was the Merchant Shipping Guild who sat across the table, though it is all but certain that the Hidden Blade must have been involved behind the scenes.

King Daric was deposed and hung only eight years later but the treaty he signed has endured ever since. The greedy guilds of Spree and the crooks of Dana both see the mutual advantage in the country of Danaspree. It is a tax haven and together they make a more daunting prospect for any who would… acquire them. So Dana remains in control of its own shaky destiny. Dana has tried a Vale-like voting system. But its rulers seem to change with the regularity of the sea tide; in and out!

The only thing that has become constant is Ravenfast. This enigmatic wizard moved into Dana and took up residence about 150 years before the Second Dragon Army invasion. He is undisputably powerful and carries about him, it is constantly rumoured, a piece of the fabled Armlet of Sorcery. He has had much to do with Dana and consequently Danaspree’s continued independence. Many attribute to him that Danaspree as a nation has not split assunder or imploded in on itself. Yet as he has never striven to take direct control of the country, many wonder why he has wasted himself on such an inauspicious place, as Danaspree. He is generally accepted to be if not the greatest human wizard alive, then to be amoung the top two. Only the Saffier himself could be considered a possible equal.

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Dana City

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