The island of Dana is situated in the heart of the Danaspree Cauldron and is the largest of its many islands. It has a strong nautical tradition, and most inhabitants have a close connection to the salty waters that wash against its shores.

The largest city on the island is called Dana also, and it is a respected and prosperous port city. Its large and efficient docks and shipwrights are popular with sailors of every stripe, and most kinds of vessels can be found there.

It is led by a king, who along with the Spree Port Authority as a representative of the Merchant Shipping Guild, is the leader of all of Danaspree.

There are three smaller towns on the island. Of particular note are Cove, Anchorage and Vale.

Dana has a long-standing reputation as a home to buccaneers, pirates, and privateers. The authorities of the island deny this, but it is a known fact that the dread pirate Captain Tabran Tain was born in Cove, and considers that town his home port. Indeed, the sight of the Scoundrel’s Hope in these waters is a common one.

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