Common is the creation of humans. When the elves taught humans to speak at first they learned elven and dwarvern. Yet as they grew capable of understanding and creation the humans wanted to make something truly their own which naturally their mentors encouraged. Common emerged from this and quickly grew in popularity as it bridged the gaps between different languages as the humans went everywhere and talked to everyone. Since the humans have become the dominant race on the planet common has become the language of trade and choice for the majority of the denizens of Tal. Even those who maintain their own language and cultures almost always have learned at least some common in order to be able to navigate beyond their own borders.

Variants and Traits

Common is a simple tongue but rife with inaccuracies and contradictions becasue of the way it was formed through use more than design. The incredibly short life spans of humans and their incredible reproduction rate has led them to spread far and wide and to change traditions within a matter of two or three generations or even quicker. Due to this it is impossible to name every variant of common. I will however list some of the most common or interesting.

Elygian – in Elygia a variant of common is spoken which has a lot of its own vocabulary and even some changes in grammatical structure. The nomads in particular use this altered structure inverting verb and noun placement in their sentences. Yet Elygians from the towns such as Sariport or Kaladire rarely use these forms.

Imperial Word – this is the only official recognised and studied form of common. The Imperial Diction and Inscription Guild have several volumes of the correct forms and a huge list of accepted words. There are three large lists of words with definitions, nine official books of language rules with updates in each book as created and finally a College of Master Scribes and Librarians who rule on disputes and decide on new changes for the language.


Humans !


The following groups are likely to know common as a second language.

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