Cavernous Might

In the days of the Elder Giants (The titans) lived a great leader of the mountain clans named Ax’ak Stedholder. So powerful was he that he could face Titans and live. His power, bravery and renown were such that eventually the titans recognised him as a sentient being and gave him an axe head from one of their hatchets.

This he mounted on a haft of unforged mithril and called it Cavernous Might. These early mountain men eventually descended to the low lands as farming became the core employment. The mix of the highland and lowland humans were the progenitors of the Errantlunder people. Cavernous Might was a symbol of leadership and power. It was lost in a raid to the Shift of Stones and a battle was fought over its recovery. It ended when three Shifts rode to retake it from Errantlund but were unable tyo break through Eagle’s Gate.

It is currently in the possession of the Duke of Thanalae.

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Cavernous Might

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