Blue Water Guard

This guard is run from the twon of Vale on the island of Dana.

It is small but well organised, efficient and remarkably incorrupt. The ships they sail tend to be small but fast and carrying military grade weaponry. One would stand little chance against an Aurian Battle Galley or Ship of the Line but it poses a significant threat to anything less than those impressive fighting ships.

The Guard follow a clear command and rank system similar to that of the militay.

  • Admiral of the Guard
  • Ships Captain
  • Leiutenant
  • Guardsman
  • Recruit

The position of Ships Caster is an important one and though it should fit below Ship’s Captain, just above Lieutenant, they more truely stand on an equal footing with the Captains. There is always a minimum of one of these wizards on any of the Blue Water Guard’s active ships.

These modern ships, well equipt and manned by a well trained and determined force are a (possibly the only) bane to the pirating and smuggling forces that do not respect their areas of control and the rules they uphold. These ‘customs men’ would likely form a better core of any navy, than the supposed military might of Anchorage.

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Blue Water Guard

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