Black Protectoran

The Black Protectoran is known as the Cavalry or the Riders. It fufills the function of a cavalry in war and during regular years works as a mobile police force throughout the extensive heartlands of the Empire.


Typically a Black trooper will carry a lance and a sabre. There are bow legions who carry short horsebows. Armour tends to be heavier than footsoldiers, Knight led legions tending to full plate, lighter legions half plate. The Black Guard and the Alkan Outriders wear very light armour, carry only light wooden lances, bows or swords and are the swiftest legions in the Empire.


The Black Protectoran covers the Gilgan Trading Area, and has its academy in Gilgan, as well as the five Prtectorates of the Empire. This means it is by far the largest area covered by a Protectoran.


The leader of the Black Protectoran is given the title First Lance. It is currently Chad.

The Leader of a Legion is called a Lancemark in the Black.

The Black Guard are an all female legion who work as lightly armed and armoured scouts and hit and run specialists.
The Outriders an Alkan Shift are the best scouts of the Empire. They ride Alkan Steeds and use their skills within the Black to incur a lot of respect.
Regulars who show particular skill are given the appellation Chosen Rider and then Master of Horse to acknowledge their individual skill. Though they are not officers these titles do bestow seniority upon them and can lead them to bridging the gap to officer.
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Black Protectoran

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