Avatar of Knowledge


Knowledge was the first being to exsist according to the myths of Tal. He almost allowed the other Avatars to follow. He alone had the wisdom to see that dominance by him alone would lead only to the ruin of all they were trying to create.

Knowledge delights in learning and for their capacity to learn he loves mortals. He is a teacher and passes on all he knows both to Avatars, gods, immortals and mortals alike.

He wields the Armlet of Knowledge and is inextricably linked with the mortal Armlet of Sorcery. Knowledge unlike the other Avatars realised how dangerous so much power in a single object could be. Recognising the inherent danger in an inanimate object that could convey such tremendous power Knowledge split the Armlet of Sorcery into six pieces. Each was still an amazingly powerful artefact but none, not even all of them together matched what the Armlet whole could have become.

It is these kinds of decisions and thoughts that set Knowledge apart from his younger more foolish fellows. But Knowledge is patient and all of the Avatars consider him and ally and none an enemy.

Knowledge values learning, knowledge, and truths of magic, history, law, culture, science, races, life, trades etc.


Knowledge like the Avatar of Darkness and the Avatar of Chaos likes to take many different forms. Rather than showing a randomness as it does with Chaos or a desire to hid his true self as it does with Darkness, this is an expression that each form is suited to a different recipient and a different message or activity.

He is particularly fond of the image of a old man in a small hut adrift in a barren desert.

In some of his forms Knowledge openly wears his Armlet but often even usually he does not.


Knowledge is interested in people. He is kind and incredibly patient but he can also be tight lipped and annoyingly mysterious. He enjoys using riddles and mind games to lead those he wishes to help to their answers in their own time rather than providing answers he has immediately.


His followers are to be found among any civilized race and among some savage races too. Followers of Knowledge often are students of magic, history and philosophy. He is if you like the ultimate historian, mage or librarian and he would consider all those titles an honour. Therefore many of those professions idolize and worship him though Knowledge was seen not as a holy, but as a secular pursuit, its guardian and patron forgotten over time. Since the Restoration the church of Celer has come to change this outlook somewhat.

Some rise to Praetor of Knowledge, joining the Tara-Vor.

In the Aurian Empire before the Return Knowledge was worshipped as Celer. There he is still mainly identified as such and in the Empire his worship is highly organised and strictly hierarchical. In the empire the church is a important political and military force as well as an ecclesiastical power house.

  • The Cardinal of Celer
  • Theonists
  • Bishops of the Book
  • Candle Chaplains
  • Priests of Knowledge
  • Scribes of the Eye

Planar Followers

Knowledge rules the Plane of Knowledge and its denizens.

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Avatar of Knowledge

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