Avatar of Chaos


Chaos is the youngest of the Avatars. The last creation of the Mithril Age. Like the others he was born from the Platinum Crystal but rather than coming from a face or side of the crystal he came from the faceted lines between the sides.

He has no agenda other than random conflict and confusion, none that anyone, even his fellow Avatars can comprehend. He is in some ways the antithesis of all the other six and in other ways he gels them all together.

He is the flexibility, the tollerance, the allowancew for things to not go as foreseen. His worshipers vary some can be little more than trackless wanderers seeking the absolute freedom from inhibitions, but most of the known followers of Chaos have wrecked terrible ruin on Tal and are known more for their personal gratification and endless, mindless destruction than for freedom or anything else.

Chaos does not wield an Armlet of power. Due to his position, not representing a side or face of the Platinum Crystal from whence the Armlets came. Yet his purposes are fulfilled anyway as artifacts of such power all aligned against each other would and has only brought conflict and struggle and yes Chaos.

He did however create a weapons that ruptured the reality of soul magic. One such was a blackened blade which carried within it the force to disrupt the fabric of power itself. This he pretended that he had been forced to relinquish or that he had lost it. Either way it came to Karandia and the effects of the Darkkenblade have affected the lives of Tal’s inhabitants ever since.

What Chaos truly wants and values and how he perceives the world is beyond the understanding even of his followers and his fellow Avatars.


Like all Avatars Chaos can take any form he chooses. He likes many different ones and chooses a greater variety of forms than any of his fellows. He delights in choosing forms that are a mix of different races, sexes and even substances. He loves to shock and can be almost childlike in his baiting of mortals.

Chaos has been known to appear as his symbol or as a men with an ever changing face. He also has been known to use the form of a nondescript human fighter with a cloak and a plain sword. He likes to appear physically strong but seems to care little for attractiveness.


Chaos is incredibly hard to read as his moods and desires seem to shift with every syllable. It is not about achieving an objective it is simply about causing as much mayhem on the way. Chaos is absolutely sure in a way no other being is, of his eventual, certain and absolute victory. The way he sees it good cannot over come evil nor evil good. The lawful will always struggle against the lawless and thus Chaos will rein forever until all else is consumed. This leaves Chaos with an unnaturally joyous disposition and a child like assurance.


Chaos rules the Plane of Chaos a place of ever changing lands, gases, seas and space. Shapeshifters and constructs live there but so too do the Chaos Lords, powerful demons who wis to dominate the mortal realms themsleves. Periodically these powerful princes of chaos make their way into the material plane of Tal and whenever they do they cause mayhem on unprecedented levels. In many ways, while these followers can have goals and be defeated, even their defeats only add to what Chaos himself wants.

Among mortals on Tal even during times when the Avatars are worshiped Chaos’s worshipers are very few as he offers little or no benefit to his followers. The only thing he can offer is the power to cause more Chaos, enough for some, but hardly enough for those wise enough to see that Chaos cares little for their lives only the desperate struggles that they can help him cause.

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Avatar of Chaos

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