Armlet of Sorcery

Knowledge’s Armlet of Sorcery

Knowledge was wiser than his younger brethren. He saw that the powers of the armlets were so great they would upset the balance of the world and cause troubled wars and disharmony. Indeed it could be reasoned that for some, like Death and Darkness, that may be a goal. But to say it truly while each wished supremacy none wished anarchy. That was Chaos’ domain.

So Knowledge took his armlet, possibly the strongest of all the armlets and broke it. His followers were studious users of knowledge and often magic. They would more swiftly discover new uses for such immense power than the followers of any of the other Avatars. Yet Knowledge had broken his armlet the sixth armlet into six pieces. Now broken even all used together could not do what once it could have done whole. To repair it is believed impossible for did not Talon himself learn from Knowledge?

Some of the pieces and their stories are known. The first is that held by Ravenfast of the Isle of Dana in Danaspree. Some time around 1740 Post Empire Ravenfast or however he was called back then searched as a young man for knowledge. Some say his search was so pure and so desperate that his desire alone took him to the Plane of Knowledge. Here certain tests were set for him (These vary from legend to legend). The last test was for him to realise that true knowledge lay within himself. Almost without exception the legends have Knowledge appear as a bent old man pretending to be nothing more than a simple hermit in a hut in the middle of a small but barren desert. How much of this is true is unknown. What is known is that Ravenfast come and set up a tower in the town of Dana on the isle of Dana in the Danaspree cauldron. He wore around his neck a cord and on this cord hung a rough piece of jagged metal. He talks little of it, sometimes going so far as to deliberately ignore any question about it. If the questioner persists he has been known to simply remove their ability to speak. Needless to say his reputation alone keeps the public from asking questions he doesn’t want to answer. Yet most people and any opf the well informed guess surmise and reason that this is a piece of said Armlet and Ravenfast has never denied it. To some very close friends it is said he has confirmed it. One thing is sure Ravenfast has never been bested in a contest of magical might. He has personally defeated elven wizards who almost always have the advantage over their human counterparts. In a highly publicized duel with the Saffire of the Imperial Sapphire guild he wore the pendent and it was said that he brought magic to Karandia that day that had not been seen since the Avatars walked among men. In short he won.

Ravenfast is said to be the reason Danaspree stands free of Auria, the reason the Wargak invasion of the 1780s was turned back without sacking Spree. He is credited with anything that happens that is mysterious in either Danaspree or even north Saracan. Many say he has many thick links with the Seekers of Justice. The Seekers are known to take interest throughout Karandia in wars and politics and so the rumours and legend of Ravenfast increase daily without him lifting a finger. But then again maybe he does lift a finger and with that pendent who knows what his one finger could accomplish?

The second highly suspected location of a piece of the armlet is the Greystone. The Greystone is kept in the city of the catlords of the same name. Their leader, called the Grey One, keeps it. This artefact was according to legend used to seal the Chaos Lords when they attacked Saracan 1880 years Before Empire. The Kenchillians, Faithsblade knights, Heartcleaver’s orcs and the catlords fought off the forces of Chaos. Finally however it was the use of the Greystone that sent the Chaos Lords back into oblivion. Greystone is a secretive place but among the highest ranking of the Helm’s Gate allies the location of the Greystone is known and the fact that it is a piece of the Armlet of Sorcery a known fact. To the rest of us it remains conjecture.

As for the rest some are rumoured as lost, some say the Great Druid of Karritan has one or the Moon Seer of the Aquati elves. Most agree that they are lost beyond all recovery. Some suspect that the Sapphire guild has one but if so it is not like the Empire to hide such a powerful piece. As well as the mages would be in constant infighting trying to seize it. So some say not. Occasionally in the north some suggests that the green circle of Errantlund might have one or at least know its location but they are scoffed at for the most part. Errantlund has never had much of greatness since they lost the Armlet of Senses. Indeed it is said if not for Alkan, Auria or Torash would have swallowed them up by now.

And so the locations of the remaining pieces of the Armlet remain a mystery.

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Armlet of Sorcery

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