A ship building town occupying the north-eastern corner of the isle of Dana. Well known for its hodge-podge fleet, Archorage is a far cry from the military ports of Gan Tarak or Yewdon.

Many expect Danaspree a nation of sailors to have the best navy is thew world. Little could be further from the truth (Except maybe the next thing a Spreean merchant says). The fleet of Dana sailing out from Anchorage is disorganised and badly trained. It is an attempt to seal together several smaller fleets run by individuals into an effective larger fleet. But each officer cares only for his own ship and those under his direct command. There is constant bickering and infighting and insubordianation is far more commonplace than obedience and this in the recognised and official fleet. If Danaspree were in a naval war many other fleets, pirate fleets and merchant marines etc would join but their is no solid military infrastructure to make use of them. So Anchorage is a hollow claim.

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