Wights are humans/elves/dwarves and the like who have been sealed into soulless unlife. They are very powerful and immortal in that they no longer age, get ill or can die in conventional manners.

Called wights because they’re bodies no longer contain blood, which leaves their skin a deathly pale white/grey. Wights subsist on life force and have the ability to feed on those they wound with their blades or manage to touch. If denied any life force for prolonged periods of time wights will grow lethargic and eventually be rendered comatose. They will not however die.

Wights are vulnerable to being compelled by more powerful servants of death and are able to command less undead themselves.

They retain their mortal intelligence and can add endlessly to it though an eternal unlife. They are also heavily physically enhanced by the transformation. They do not need to breath, eat or drink to sustain themselves.

Base Wight off the Wight stats (MM 255) but add several modifiers.

Regeneration 20 and can regenerate from any normal wound.
They also have damage reduction/good 5.

Add the ability to command undead as per the evil cleric ability for their HD – 4. So the most base wights (Newborns) cannot use this at all).

If a Wight is able to use its energy drain on a helpless target they may grapple and double the effect. Once this has been done as many times as the Wights current HD squared it is able to gain a new HD along with other benefits of such including feats, base attack (1 progression instead of normal +1/2 and increased resistances (Weak Fort high Ref and high Will), skills (4INT) etc.

Every HD increase is accompanied by an increase of +1 in STR, DEX and CHA. Every 4 HD increase is accompanied by a new at will ability, thought the first must be fascinate.

At 8HD the Wights gain the ability to fascinate as per the spell. This is an at will ability with the save based off 10+ 1/2 HD + CHA. A person who has passed the save does not need to make it again for the same Wight for a week.

At 12 HD the Wights gain spell resistance 10+ 1/2 HD

At 16 HD gain the ability to use the dominate spell at will

At 20 HD the Wight must be considered a Neverwight at this point.

Killing a Wight – only possible through three different methods.

Wights have regeneration 20 and can regenerate from any normal wound. They also have damage reduction/good 5.

Positive energy – this is the antithesis of all a Wight is. It uses negative energy to feed on the positive life force of others but in its true form this energy is utterly destructive to Wights. Damage dealt from this force including Good aligned weapons and spells with the good descriptor cannot be regenerated and bypasses their damage reduction.

Fire – Wights are not immune to fire and wounds dealt by fire will not heal. If a Wight’s corpse is burned it will not rise again. Holy fire is doubly effective and Wights are considered vulnerable to this. Multiply all damage by 2 and increase all save DCs by 4.

True Death – Those who know the secrets of Soulcraft or have a Soulcrafted True Death weapon will find it efficacious against Wights.

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