Skeletal Abominations


Skeletal Abominations can be of almost any size. Some are literally the size of ants others have been the size of a small island. Importantly they are not an animated corpse of animal or sentient. They are made from collected bone often with rock, gems or wood of some kind mixed in. They are usually grotesque to look on though some have been formed strictly with functionality in mind. Their roles vary depending on why they were constructed and for every size difference from medium the difficulty of creating the necessary spell goes up considerably. Medium is a lvl 2 spell, large or small lvl 4, Huge or tiny lvl 6, diminutive or guargantuan lvl 8, and fine/colossal epic spells. With increased spell craft DCs these sizes can be continually changed to an almost infinite level.


Modelled on the skeleton (MM pg 225). They have all the special qualities of skeletons. There actual look and appendages is dependent on the spell used. BUt a medium can only have 4 limbs and no special abilties. For every 2 special abilties in addition to their normal skeleton ones they must use the higher level spell but maintain their size.
THe larger smaller abominations have 1 key abilty in addition to their changed size.
STR is changed significantly based in size category.

SIZE STR DEX CON INT WIZ CHA Additional Abilities Att Bonus Spell level
Diminutive 3 26 16 1 +3 Att Bonus 8
Tiny 6 22 CON INT 14 1 +2 Att Bonus 6
Small 10 18 CON INT 12 1 +1 Att Bonus 4
Medium 14 14 10 1 +0 Att Bonus 2
Large 18 12 CON INT WIZ 1 +1 Att Bonus 4
Huge 22 10 CON INT WIZ 1 +2 Att Bonus 6
Gargantuan 26 8 CON INT WIZ 1 +3 Att Bonus 8

Additional Abiltities

  • Intelligence
  • Death’s touch
  • Adamantium Skeleton
  • Hunter Seeker
  • Demonlition
  • Guardian
  • Assassin

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Skeletal Abominations

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