The Siaks are a sister race to the coastal and swamp dwelling Visks. Unlike the Visks they avoided contact with the ‘red-blooded’ races. Now the Visks have been almost completely turned into a slave race that seems to have been a wise choice.

The Siaks called humans ‘new comers and ’invaders’ when they came to Elygia and they still consider them exactly that. They even fought a war over the desert but were unable to defeat the human invaders who had elven trained magic and dwarvern made weapons and armour. Now the Siaks live almost universally in the Dune Peaks or the Sand Hills. The sand-dune-like mountains in eastern Elygia. They refuse to leave this final bastion much like the elves and dwarves, but more so. They live a savage primal existence, which humans consider more animal like than that of a sentient race. Still they are strong warriors and have achieved their objective of being more difficult to hunt and subdue than they are worth as slaves. Mostly they are left in their unprofitable Dune Peaks to themselves. Needless to say this suits the Siaks just fine. Do not go to the Peaks uninvited, as the Siaks assume all newcomers are invades and they do not intend to be driven from their homes again.

Due to retaining their independence Siaks still speak the Visk mother-tongue of Skalitz. Some speak Common but this ironically is not common.

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