Shades are the unborn souls. They chose Death before creation and thus were permanently denied a body in return. To compensate their loyalty death gave Shades a form that constantly strives for the physical but he cannot give them true bodies as that is what they eschewed to follow him.

Constantly denied the ability to live despite their semi-physical existence Shades hunt and hate all physical living things. They are drawn to any sign of such, eating, drinking, bleeding, breathing, births and laughter/crying draw them quickly. By feeding on the lives of mortals they hope to touch physical existence themselves but lacking that they simply hope to deny to others what they cannot have themselves forcing all to join them in misery.

Shades have various forms but they are always indistinct making the eye want to roll off them. They tend to flicker and appear to have frayed edges when inspected. They are cold to the touch and their form cannot say solid for long periods of time rather in flickers between ethereal and physical very rapidly. Shades lack the colour and vitality of life. They don’t breathe, eat, laugh, cry, urinate, bleed or give birth. Shades also lack a reflection due to the fact they are not truly physical or alive.


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