In Auria the five Protectorates is where a lot of the money is made and is the bread basket of the Empire. Here the farmers, miners, spinners and blacksmiths toil day in and day out to make the produce that runs the thriving economic machine that is the Aurian Empire. These villagers and townsfolk turn raw materials into what ‘proper’ city craftsmen call crude materials. It is the city craftsmen who by shaping these into goods and selling them make the majority of the profit.

Auria’s main interest in the Protectorates is that they feed its heaving population centres and provide recruits for its even hungrier armies.

The Protectorates were once mainly unclaimed land and before 20 PE they were known as the Savage Lands to the Aurians. However they were conquered in the campaign known as ‘the Scourging’ during the Wars of Unification. After this they were settled and officially brought under Aurian control.

The Protectorates are covered entirely by towns and villages without a single major city. They are protected and policed by the Black Protectoran.

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