Due to the overwhelming dominance of the Aurian Empire in trade on Karandia their number system has become dominant. The system is a monetary on a base 10.

10 copper pennies to the silver mark
10 silver marks to the gold cellen
10 gold cellens to the platinum imperial
1000 platinum imperials to a mithril coin (Mithril is typically not wasted on coins these days but a crude unmarked coin-sized piece would be of this value.)

It should be noted that cellens are small and light coins. Gold coins in other states can carry far more value.

Anyway due to this coinage system number is based on tens hundreds (Also called centuries) and thousands. Though ‘score’ for twenty is also popular.

Typically measured in:
60 second minutes
60 minute hours
24 hour days
10 day weeks
3 week months
12 month years
10 year decades
100 year centuries
1000 year millennia


People tend to use these only for business and crafting. For the weight of a person or building or such like they will use comparison instead. ‘He weighs as much as a young horse’etc.

  • thousandweight
  • hundredweight
  • tenweight


Is usually described only in vague terms such as hot and cold. Those you measure temperature in detail base it from what they call COLD BASE which is the coldest temperature so far that has been measured using magic. These terms are only used by the most highly educated scholars, clerics and mages and the like. They would be meaningless to a farmer or local town scribe.

200 CB (Meaning 200 from COLD BASE is when ice melts)
300 CB (is roughly when water boils vaporising into steam)

Usually measured in:
Thumbs (roughly 2cm)
5 Thumbs to the hand (roughly 10cm)
10 hands to the stride (Roughly 1m)
1000 strides to the span (Roughly 1km)
4 spans to a league (This word varies depending on locality and is completely different at sea) – roughly 4km.


Areas smaller than a post lot are described in 2 dimensions IE The shield was large and rectangular. Maybe five hands across by fifteen hands down.
The scholars use the length terms and call them ‘area’. They could describe the same shield as ‘seventy five hands area’.

Postlot (roughly equivalent to half an acre or just over 2000m squared) based on the original postings put into rented fields.
Fieldlot = 2 postlots
Landtare = 5 field lots (roughly 5 acres or 20000 m squared)


Only scientific or highly educated people deal in volume on Tal. Mages, clerics and great scholars. If a regular man describes a room in such detail he will say, ‘It was two strides high, six wide and four long.’

The scholars use the length terms and call them ‘volume’. They could describe the same room as ‘forty-eight strides volume’.


Liquids are described in:

  • drops
  • spoonfuls
  • cups
  • 4 cups is considered roughly to be a bottle
  • 8 bottles is a trough
  • 20 troughs to the barrel

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