Kaladire is a huge trading town and sees itself as the capital of Elygia. Others including the mighty Auria also see things this way. This is mainly due to Kaladire having a clear ruler the Sultan and its position near the end of the river Laranon makes it more profitable than its rival Sariport, not to mention it is further north.

The Sultan of Kaladire is something determined by bloodline though through one accident or internal conflict or other this bloodline has changed over the centuries. He has a Vizier who is his firest counmsellor and opperates as something of a Prime Minister. This Vizier is chosen by the Sultan upon his assent to the Sultanate from the leaders of the Great Houses.

These Great Houses are actually guilds and they form the core of Kaladire’s income and power. The Vizier is meant to oversee and to some extent control the guilds according to the will of the Sultan and it is the extent towhich he succeeds in this task which mainly determines the success of failure, both percieved and real, of each sultan.

Otherwise Kaladire is simply a profitable, relatively modern city. Law and order prevail but underground activity and the thieves guild continue to thrive nonetheless.

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