Great Houses

In Kaladire unlike Sariport the number of Guilds is carefully monitored and controled. The guilds that are allowed have risen to great pre eminence as to practise their arts you must be a member of the guild. Dues are paid and training and patronage are provided in return. THe guilds of Kaladire are much more than this however they are the fabric that run, protect and enhance the city. From the leaders of these guilds called the ‘Great Houses’ is chosen the Grand Vizier to the Sultan, the second most powerful man in the city and potentially the most influential.

The Great Houses are as follows.

Each has its own leadership and ranks. Each provides training for those it specialises in. From these leaders is chosen the Grand Vizier and all of these Houses play a role in the leadership and day to day amnagement of Kaladire and by extension Elygia. Each of them is also represented by a base of operations a ‘House’. These have theuir own outstanding characteristics and much of the formation and architecture of Kaladire is built becasue of and around these centre pieces.

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Great Houses

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