Great Druid

This is the name of the position that is highest of any elf in Karritan. He is not only the leader of the druids but through them of the entire wood elf (Karritkol) nation.

The Great Druid is selected by a 4 fifths (minimum) majority of the Druidlore upon the death of the sitting Great Druid. The selection is made based upon power, seniority and popular support.

Currently (1900PE) the sitting Great Druid is sleeping he has been doing so for 1400 years. He was born 4400 years ago and is incredibly ancient. He is by far the oldest living elf on the planet. It is due to his seemingly unending sleep that the position of Guardian of Heartwood and Karritan was re-introduced.

He currently sleeps at the Linden Grove and has done so ever since he made the prophecy of The Avenger. It is rumoured that he will awake when the prophecy comes true.

Assumed PR= 7

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Great Druid

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