Elygian Nomads

These are the countless tribes that live on the desert sands of Elygia. They call themselves the Sabel-sec. They venerate Soaril god of wind and Archan god of sun and rain. These are apects of the Avatar of Wild. Each tribe has minor alliances, full verbal histories and blood enemies. They raid each other, raise herds and for the most part live their lives entirely separate from the rest of Karandia.

Whatever excess the nomads can create they sell in Tamech once a year. When the season arrives that the nomad tribes are travelling through the southern part of the desert none miss the chance to go to Tamech. This market town on the southern edge of the desert hugely profits from this influx of nomad made goods. In return it provides the nomads with luxuries from the outside world that they would never have access to otherwise.

Over the years the attitudes of the city people has changed and in turn so has that of the nomads. The nomads now feel they are treated as beggars rather than equals, seen as uncivilised savages by the walled city folk. They murmur that one day the arrogance of the residents of Tamech might grow too great and that the city will feel the desert’s wrath. The people of Tamech however do not fear a nomad attack. The have a militia and an impressive city wall. At worst one large tribe could attack with its allies. Even the largest tribe with the greatest amount of allies could scarcely number 1000 men. That, however, is almost an impossibility, so the attackers, it is reasoned, would be outclassed and outnumbered. With no siege weapons and no obvious way to breach the walls, the attackers would be at such a disadvantage that the residents of Tamech sleep soundly each night. If the wall was as strong as the prejudice, the Elygians of Tamech would have nothing to worry about. However the tribes stir and the desert hungers for war and thirsts for blood. Maybe Tamech will test its wall after all.

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Elygian Nomads

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