Elygian Desert


The Elygian Desert is what the country of Elygia is named after. It takes up well over 90% of the land mass of the country but for the most part in uninhabited.

Though some animals particularly snakes and lizards are able to thrive in the desert environment sentient races number only two. The Siaks and humans or rather the nomads.

The nomads who call themselves the Sabel-sec live off small herds of horses or the goat-like chevs. They are constantly moving from one place of water to another in order to survive and trade once yearly with the cities at Tamech.

The desert is a huge and trackless wilderness, without landmarks or breaks in the terrain. It is a death trap for any who do not know its secrets. Navigation is only possible through the sun and stars. So many are the thoughtless travellers who have begubn a journey through the desert and simply gotten lost to wander until the desert remorselessly killed them off.

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Elygian Desert

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