Dracor was the leader of the Dracorian Wing of the Dragon Armies during their second invasion. When the Wing was attacked using the soul magic of Leonadar Halkithantarius. Dracor’s attempt to absorb the effect instead, triggered a death response which shattered his own forces and his mind.

After this he turned more feral and spent some months hunting down undead and destorying them. Finally he was stumbled upon by the Stars of Destiny and was captured by them. He later became their prisoner and later temporary ally.

He is known for carrying/wearing four magical items.
1. An Amulet of two entwined dragon heads
2. A staff carved along its length with skulls motifs and topped by a black dragon its wings outstretched.
3. A wickedly curved black sword with its own blood thirsty instincts.
4. Magic absorbing black spiked and runed plate mail armour.

Assumed PR= 7

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